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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


The Jan 12/06 Toronto Works Committee meeting again reaffirmed "NO SEGWAYS" on public infrastructure

The good news is, these machines have finally been put in their place i.e. not on any public sidewalk or pathway but only on private property. 

At the Toronto Works Committee meeting of 1/12/06 as reported by
the Segway principles “admitting in a brief deputation that the issue was basically a provincial one, and that they were resigned to waiting to see what the province will do about it (under Bill 169, An Act to Amend the Highway Traffic Act, the provincial government can now allow new vehicles on provincial roads as pilot
. There was some discussion re. approval of Segways as personal assistance mobility devices ---“almost all of them (Councillors) chose to speak, and they each clearly stated that there was a big difference between allowing Segways as mobility assistive devices — which they all supported — and allowing them to be used by able-bodied people on sidewalks, which they did not support.”

The London Ontario municipal Council should take note! “When the
city (Toronto) legal officer gave legal advice that any city bylaw allowing the use of Segways as assistive mobility devices would have no legal effect because provincial laws would supercede
Our student group, Innovative Mobility, is opposed to any provincial approval of Segways including use by persons of disability because of problem(s) associated with licensing based on qualification and quantification of suitable disability i.e. amputee vs. person with visual disability vs. person with learning disability vs. person with hearing disability vs. person with Parkinson's disease and the list goes on.
Disney in 2004 banned Segways due to what they saw as Segways legal problems arising from potential safety issues. Not even the disabled are allowed the use of Segways due to the problem of identification of the truly disabled and those who are looking to game the system and take advantage of accommodations for the disabled. 

The catch-22 of any Segway approval at any level of government is that such approval puts people with disabilities both visible and invisible at risk due to Segway collisions on the sidewalk and other public pedestrian infrastructure. Later in this blog, Segway Caveats for Municipal Council Consideration, you will see that
many disabled groups are against the Segway because:

Innovative Mobility will shortly be posting our full and complete report to
Ontario Minister of Transport. While this report will be tailored to the
Province of Ontario it will have data and references that will have an
application for any global community that is considering approval of Segways as
personal assistance devices in their community.

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